Looking Forward, Looking Back

Everyday, I get FaceBook’s On This Day posts. Sometimes they’re funny, other times utterly depressing.

Today’s reminded me that six years ago I decided on a literary agent after speaking to several who wanted to represent me. I was only a few days into the query process and was blown away by how fast everything was happening.

Now, I’m back on the hunt for an agent, and while I’ve had healthy interest, it’s not like it was six years ago. The frenzy isn’t there. My friends tell me that much has changed since I last queried, and maybe this is true, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s really me that’s changed. I see publishing very differently than I did when I was a newbie, and while I believe this is beneficial, it also depletes some of the magic of the experience.

It’s hard not to look back and compare now to six years ago. Damn hard. But I’m an optimistic person. I persevere and roll with the punches. So forward I go. I wrote a lovely story, and one way or another, I’ll get it into your hands 😀




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