Croatia! Getting There

Hey All –

My family and I are off for a trip to the Dalmatian Coast and inland Croatia. We’re packed, at the airport, and ready to go.

Why Croatia? Why not? Bug and I like going to off-beat places, and Croatia is still “undiscovered” by most Americans…meaning it’s not over-run like the Cinque Terre. Plus, the Adriatic Sea looks amazing…and I’ve heard the wine is pretty good, too.

This is the first international trip we’ve taken with the boys since our time in Paris four years ago. They’ve gotten taller (even taller than me!), sleepier, and hungrier…basically two of the three have turned into teenagers. This should be interesting since they won’t have any internet, texting, or email for two weeks. Will they survive? We shall see.

Much like I did with my Paris posts, I plan on updating daily — via my phone (I’m leaving the laptop at home for once) — and have a surprise for you on 6/14. What is it? Okay, fine, twist my arm. It’s a new short story called NIGHTFALL BALLET, and it’s going to be free. That’s all I can say for now 😀


Okay, onward to Croatia!

xoxo ~dawn

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