Croatia Days 10 & 11

Early in the morning, we went back to the submarine bay, and the boys paddle boarded, and Finn promptly belly flopped onto the board. 

We then packed up and sailed to Palmizana. There was a little, rocky beach on opposite side of island with umbrellas and chairs. We didn’t stay long though because the boys thought the water was too cold. 
Later that night, Ben taught Finn rummy while Bug and Keegan watched the Croatia-Spain soccer match in town. Croatia won – Yay! 
Sailing today wasn’t as good as yesterday. The wind wasn’t in our favor. But we had a bit of fun when Ben began torturing Keegan with a piece of rope to make him think a bug was on him. We anchored in a bay, had another insanely good lunch prepared by Ben, and let the boys play 
We then had a laugh when Ben abandoned ship on the paddle board, and Finn and Boone are marooned on the rocks about 100 yards away. Basically, all were having a good time. 
Now, we’re in Vrboska. It’s called Little Venice because it has a series of canals and bridges. Vrboska is sleepy and cute, and away from the Yacht Week hordes – which is a good thing. 

We leave in the morning for Bol Beach. The pictures look insane. If it’s like the rest of Croatia, I doubt it will disappoint. 

Xoxo ~dawn

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