these little lives

That’s the working title of my new manuscript. It’s a lighthearted work (not really) about the Siege of Sarajevo and Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, and how it impacted two teens. I’m not sure how it all fits together – the characters, the POV, the tense – but I’ll figure it out.

What I do know is that each life lost meant something precious on its own. Each impacted someone else either in a positive or negative way. Every life counted and continues to count as they are missed and loved and mourned.

There’s a message in there somewhere, I’m sure, about the recent events in America, but I’ve read commentary from people much smarter than me, and won’t attempt to claim I fully understand beyond saying fear and hatred are ugly beasts.

Fortunately, hatred failed in Bosnia, but each life lost, which seems insignificant individually, is part of something greater.

I am not publicly political, but I’ll say this:

It’s time we laid our fears aside. It’s time we reassess our national priorities. It’s time to make America whole again.

Because when we are whole, we, as a nation, are something greater, too.

Let’s not forget that.

xoxo ~dawn




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