It’s a problem when your whole family has wanderlust. 

For the past few nights, Bug and I have discussed and researched our next vacation. We’ve tossed around Marrakech, Tangiers, Gibraltar, Southern Spain, Portugal, and our standard go-to’s. 

My oldest son wants to see as much of Europe as possible. His choice cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Venice, Florence, Rome, Nice, and  Barcelona. As you can see, he dreams big and has unlimited time and money 😂 I blame the board game Ten Days in Europe for his choices and belief he can actually visit 10 cities in 10 days without simply blowing through. 

Anyway, Bug and I are now playing with the idea of riding the rails around Europe. We’ve done it around France, and from Milan  to Paris, but this would be a massive undertaking. My concern is that I like to set-up shop in one city and really immerse myself, and I worry the three weeks of city hopping would be exhausting. 

The only city on my son’s list I haven’t visited is Berlin, but Northern Europe in June can be chilly, and I’m a total heat lover. So I thought London-Paris-Barcelona-Nice- Italy may be more my speed. 

But wherever we go, and IF we do go anywhere, I’m sure I’ll find a new story idea. I always do 😄


my nomadic heart

I’ve kissed under the glow of the Eiffel Tower.

I’ve danced the night away at Versailles.

I’ve held hands up and down the winding streets of Prague.

I’ve drank champagne on the beach in Nice.

I’ve explored the canals of Amsterdam.

I’ve yatched the coast of Croatia.

I’ve inhaled pasta in Rome, hiked the Cinque Terra, glided down Venice’s canals, and marveled at Florence’s beauty. 

I’ve had tea in London, traveled back in time in York, and ran across the Scottish Highlands. 

I’ve eaten dim sum in New York, visited Lady Liberty, and stood on the SNL stage.

I’ve seen the monuments – Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington. 

I’ve sung karoke in Chicago.

I’ve explored the beauty of Michigan. 

I’ve surfed in Malibu and partied in LA.

I’ve lived, cried, and loved in San Francisco. 

And now I’m staring at a map, thinking where next? What adventure awaits? When can I go? Will anything ever be enough? What can calm my nomadic heart?