It’s a problem when your whole family has wanderlust. 

For the past few nights, Bug and I have discussed and researched our next vacation. We’ve tossed around Marrakech, Tangiers, Gibraltar, Southern Spain, Portugal, and our standard go-to’s. 

My oldest son wants to see as much of Europe as possible. His choice cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Venice, Florence, Rome, Nice, and  Barcelona. As you can see, he dreams big and has unlimited time and money 😂 I blame the board game Ten Days in Europe for his choices and belief he can actually visit 10 cities in 10 days without simply blowing through. 

Anyway, Bug and I are now playing with the idea of riding the rails around Europe. We’ve done it around France, and from Milan  to Paris, but this would be a massive undertaking. My concern is that I like to set-up shop in one city and really immerse myself, and I worry the three weeks of city hopping would be exhausting. 

The only city on my son’s list I haven’t visited is Berlin, but Northern Europe in June can be chilly, and I’m a total heat lover. So I thought London-Paris-Barcelona-Nice- Italy may be more my speed. 

But wherever we go, and IF we do go anywhere, I’m sure I’ll find a new story idea. I always do 😄


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