My Pinterest Life #13: Getting Baked

Hey All –

I tried. I really did. But it didn’t matter. Today’s project went from promising to dismal in minutes. For your viewing pleasure, may I present How Not to Make Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

For reference, I used this recipe and subbed gluten-free flour and xanthan gum for the regular flour. Now, before we get too hasty and blame the GF flour, this is a sub I make all the time when baking and never have problems.

I was excited, ecstatic even, over finding this recipe. It started out so promising:


I was happy, chopping chocolate (which Bug took over and smashed with a meat tenderizer because he broke my food processor, and I remind him of this every day), and dreaming of having delicious GS cookies all year long.


I whipped up the dough, switching out the flours, and patted it into an oval to place in the freezer. I left it there for 15 minutes to set per the directions.


Once those 15 minutes were up, things took a very wrong turn. The dough stuck to everything and wouldn’t roll out. It tore and cracked, and I tried to smooth it all back together, but nothing worked. Clearly, I was not amused:


No matter how hard it got, I persevered. I wasn’t going to let Pinterest win because I’m not a quitter. In fact, I’m incredibly stubborn. So, against conventional wisdom, I used a 1 1/2″ cookie cutter and made nice circles on the dough.


And they stuck to the counter and wouldn’t come off, leaving me with this mess:


And yet, Kittens, I kept on despite being covered in chocolate and flour. I kept on to prove I could make these cookies. I kept on because I wasn’t going to lose. So I melted the baking chocolate, added the peppermint extract and, with Bug’s help, attempted to coat the cookies. Dismal fail. The cookies broke apart or crumbled in the chocolate. It was a mess.

But I ended up with one perfect cookie:


The rest looked like this:


I’m told they taste amazing, but I’m too afraid to try them. I secretly hate to eat my own cooking. Weird, but it does leave more for everyone else.

So, yeah, complete FAIL despite the cookies tasting good. I could never give these away as gifts. However, Bug had an idea. I make similar non-chocolate covered cookies that are shaped in cream cheese boxes that I then thinly slice using unflavored dental floss. The cookies would be more rectangular, but I think they’d be more presentable than the mess I created.

But the day wasn’t all a wash. I tortured Bug by making him blow up water balloons for another project, and I got to wear this around a store:


Until next time, Kittens.

xoxo ~dawn

My Pinterest Life #7 – Getting Pumpkinized

Hey All,

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so nothing elaborate. I just want to lounge in my yoga clothes and allow myself to feel sick. However, despite feeling blah, I still managed to make it to yoga (I’m trying to go 25 days out of 30 – I have 10 days to go!). We focused on Sutra 2.16 – The Pain Which Is Yet To Come Is To Be Avoided.

During class, the sutra kept running through my mind. How do you avoid pain if you don’t know it’s coming? I’ve gotten fairly good at stopping painful thoughts once they start, but how do you avoid pain? Especially when it comes from outside forces? Like those Facebook, “Day in History” posts. Sometimes I don’t want to see them. Especially not the ones from 2 and 4 years ago. I read them, remember where I was at that time, and feel stabbed in the gut again.

Not fun.

It’s unintentional pain-hunting or the act of picking a wound over-and-over again.

Anyway, enough philosophical chit-chat. On with the mess I call My Pintrest Life!

Yesterday, I let the Colonel carve the real pumpkin he picked up at a Fall Festival on Sunday. He insisted in doing it himself, and hey, who am I to interfere when a young boy wants to use sharp carving tools? So I let him at it.

This is what he did:

IMG_5521Because I’ve now trained my children to be thinking about Pintrest at all times, he suggested we do something with the pumpkin bits. Hence, my search for pumpkin facials. Have you noticed how much I love smearing stuff on my face?

I wanted to make this because the picture seems so spa like. And if there is anything I love, it’s a day at the spa.


I decided to wait until after yoga today to cook up the pumpkin. I only needed a tablespoon, so I threw some chunks in the microwave and set it for 6 minutes.

It looked like this going in:


I sat down to eat some yogurt. Suddenly, a nasty, burning smell permeated my house. The pumpkin was on fire and the plastic container melting! I have no clue what I was thinking. I cook whole squashes for 6 minutes, not a tablespoon.

I quickly sorted everything out and was left with this:

IMG_5524Not exactly something to rub all over my face, you know? I dumped it out and tried again, this time cooking for only a minute. It came out lovely. I dumped a tsp of honey and a tsp of apple cider vinegar into the pumpkin and mashed it all up.

I rubbed it all over my face, making me nice and orange:

IMG_5525Really, I need to do some make-up posts.

About half-way through drying, I received a call from the high school asking me to pick up Pudge for the second day in a row. We think he has another concussion – which means off to the clinic tonight to check his current stats against his baseline. This boy is a lacrosse goalie, and he’s already suffered a severe concussion back in February. He doesn’t want to give up the sport he loves, but he may very well have to. After what we went through with Bug’s TBI, we don’t take brain injuries lightly.

But enough of that. I had to hurry and wipe the mask off my face and bolt out the door. I noticed as I was driving I had pieces of pumpkin on my fleece. I also smelled like a salad. But my skin looks and feels amazing.

Going forward, I’d most likely use canned pumpkin. I think it would go on thicker and be less messy. But aside from the mini-fire, this is a PINTEREST WIN!

Until next time, Kittens.

xoxo ~dawn

My Pinterest Life #6: Success and Failure

Hey All –

When will I learn? DIY facial masks and I don’t mix. However, before we get to that, let’s discuss what did work: the outfits.

I took the idea of a cozy sweater and boots from this:

inspiration+picture+6And added a hat and blouse based on this:

de9f2dd11861a533d8e7577156c3e8c4To get this:

FullSizeRenderNot quite the same but I was warm outside which is what mattered. The only problem was the wind kept blowing my hat away. Oh, but I love hats. I have a nice collection and used to wear them in San Francisco all the time to keep my hair dry-ish from the constant dampness of the fog. I think I’m going to start wearing them more.

I also did this outfit. Basic and no Pinterest pin to base it off, but I think the stripe shirt/puffer vest/skinny jeans/boots/hat combo is something I could find on there if I wanted.

IMG_5476Now onto the fun stuff: the lotions and potions. Yesterday, kittens, I tried a DIY lip scrub based on Lush’s. I think it work really well and tasted great (anything I put on my lips needs to taste good). It was really simple too: sugar, honey, olive oil, and vanilla. I skipped the food coloring because I had the good sense to know that it would push the WIN into a FAIL. Can you imagine food coloring all over my lips? It would be Turmeric 2.0.

IMG_5512The concoction before the Colonel got to it.

Once again, this child had way too much joy mixing up the ingredients and encouraging me to smear it on my lips. Only after I told him it tasted good, did he try it. Which resulted in a “I’m being poisoned” face, gagging, and a vigorous scrubbing of the lips with water. So, while I liked it, the Colonel thought it tasted terrible.

Next, I decided to try out a face mask. This one promised to brighten skin, make it smoother, and eliminate blackheads. It required one egg white, beaten, and tissue paper (like what you blow your nose on). When I explained what I was going to do, it was met with a collective groan from the males in my family.

Maybe they were onto something because I ended up looking like this:

IMG_5520Kinda zombie-ish for Halloween right?

With this mask, you paint egg white all over your face, place tissue on top of that, then put more egg white on top of that. It hardens into a Biori type mask…or paper mache. Either way, I couldn’t move my face – like Botox gone horrible wrong. I couldn’t wait for it to dry so I could rip it off.

While it did leave my face feeling smoother, it didn’t at all look brighter, and the few black heads I have stayed put. So I’m marking this one up as a FAIL.

And in parenting fails, Halloween is my favorite holiday other than the Fourth of July. I had grand plans to paint and carve pumpkins, but we’ve been unable to get to a pumpkin patch this year. So I bought a couple of the carvable fake ones at the craft store. I told my boys it’s the same thing – you cut holes in the pumpkin and even better, you get to keep it! It never goes bad!

Here’s what they did. Definitely not Pinterest worthy, but I love them.

IMG_5517So this weekend I had more WINS than FAILS. However, I full expect to be failing the rest of the week since I have this and this planned.

Until tomorrow, kittens.

xoxo ~dawn