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Outfit Post: Teddy Bear

When it’s chilly, I love to wrap up in cozy sweaters. This light weight merino wool is my new favorite – it’s silky smooth and very warm without any bulk. I also love the deep cowl…hmmm…maybe I should add a necklace? Off white pants. My biggest fashion fear. I have children. Messy children. Plus, everyone … Continue reading

Outfit Post: splash of hot pink

Knowing I had to spend a good portion of my day at the doctor’s office motivated me to try to find something fun and cheery to wear today. And what’s more fun than a hot pink fluted skirt and sassy stockings? My hair is a mess from having to take my shirt on and off … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Creamed

I tried to do this hair curling technique today and…well, I don’t know. It looked great when I first did it – just like at the end of the video – but took forever to do. The pictures below were taken about six hours later and while my hair was still curled, it was no … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Toeing the Line

  Now that I’m back in San Francisco (temporarily), life has resumed its normal rhythm: kid activities, sports, running, and work. Exciting, I know, but that’s what life is: lots of mundane, tiny things that make up a great, big, exciting whole. After a few days of eighty-degree temperatures, the fog has returned to San … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Out with the Old

Today’s outfit is a mix of old and new. While in Paris, Bug and I replaced pretty much my entire wardrobe from shoes, to undies, to clothes and jewelry. Partly because none of it fit me any longer, and partly because I had this intense need to scrub everything from the past from my life. … Continue reading

DC: Speed Trip

You all know I thrive on spontenaity, right? So it shouldn’t surprise you that last Monday – three days before I was to fly home to San Francisco – I looked at Bug and said, “Let’s go to DC.” And so we did. As soon as we arrived in Northern Virginia, we just knew that … Continue reading

Paris: Finding a Secret

One of the things I love about prolonged stays in new locations is discovering off-the-path things. Today, exactly one week before I have to leave, I found what may be the best view of Paris I’ve ever seen. All in a place I’ve been to many, many times: Printemps. Originally, we wanted to eat at … Continue reading