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The countdown to Kiss Kill Love Him Still is on. Just two more days!!! I can’t wait to share this book with all of you – it’s a quick, breezy read which is different for me. I think of it as a palate cleanser between heavier books, and I love every word of it.

Today, I’m introducing to the fourth and final main character, Regina (Reggie) Walker. Unlike the other girls in KKLHS, Reggie knew exactly who Jackson was and didn’t mind helping him cheat on Livie. In fact, she convinced herself she loved Jackson, so a little cheating was okay.

Reggie’s a bad girl who has no patience for stupidity, and, unlike the other girls, has a very real reason for suspecting she may have contributed to Jackson’s death.

Below is Reggie’s playlist. A million thanks to Becky Paulk for creating it. My favorite song on the playlist is Magnets by Disclosure featuring Lorde.

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Giveaway: It’s Time for the Kiss Kill Love Him Still Treasure Hunt!


As we count down the final days until Kiss Kill Love Him Still’s release on November 10th, things are getting exciting.

Today, we kick off our scavenger hunt blog tour. For those unfamiliar with blog tours, it’s when writers visit a bunch of different sites and share parts of their book, playlists, excerpts and other fun bookish things. The tour for KKLHS is different in that it’s a scavenger hunt. This means each day a group of blogs will host a profile of a suspect in Jackson’s death. Today, blogs are interviewing Livie’s mom, Alicia Barnes.


There are seven suspects who may have killed playboy Jackson Landis. You can vote on who you think did it by replying on one of the host blogs.

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