Cover Reveal for Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness

Hey All,

I’ve hit the jackpot with my last couple of covers. Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness, the second book in the Kiss Kill Love Him Still series, is no exception. I love it HARD (and I hope you do, too!).

The release date is March 21st, 2016.

But before we get to the reveal, A SUMMARY:

Haddie, Livie, Reggie, and Val. Four girls with secrets to tell.

A murderer is loose on the FU campus, and despite their best efforts, the police are nowhere near making an arrest. It’s beginning to look like Jackson’s murderer may walk free — until someone calling themselves The Fifth begins threatening each girl.

Suddenly, The Fifth starts revealing the girls’ darkest secrets:
Reggie is the campus drug dealer, Livie is a kleptomaniac, Haddie hasn’t remained a virgin, and Val is struggling with her sexuality.

With no option but to work together, the girls dive deeper into Jackson’s web of lies, and hope to unmask The Fifth while solving the mystery of Jackson’s death.

The more answers they get, the more dangerous life at FU becomes — not just for the girls, but for the people they love the most.

Which makes a girl wonder, who’s next on the murderer’s list?

And now the cover!


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About the Authors
Jamie Blair-
Jamie Blair lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband, their two kids and a cat that broke into their house and refused to leave. She won a young author’s contest in third grade, but it probably shouldn’t count since her mom wrote most of her entry. LEAP OF FAITH is her first novel. She promises her mom didn’t write one word of it.

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And Me-
Dawn is a Twitter and fashion addict whose favorite things in life are her family, gorgeous dresses, tea leaf salad, and French macarons. She splits her time between San Francisco and Northern Virginia, and is always up for a trip to Paris.

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Cover designed by: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

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Finally! I can share the awesome cover of my latest book, Kiss Kill Love Him Still! Jamie and I are very proud of the cover and hope you love it as much as we do. xo ~dawn

The cover:


The Blurb:

Jackson Landis kept secrets. It’s how he got girls into bed, the grades he wanted, and a reputation for being the life of the party.

But now he’s dead, and no one knows how or why. Especially not the four girls whose secrets he protected. Secrets so scandalous they could cause each girl to lose something valuable. Secrets so dark, someone may have killed for them.

The four girls – a campus drug dealer, an overweight bookworm, a closeted lesbian, and a spoiled princess have one thing in common – they’re terrified the things Jackson knew may not have died with him. As Reggie, Haddie, Val, and Livie try to piece together her own role in Jackson’s death, each girl realizes Jackson had some not-so-pretty skeletons of his own.

Which makes a girl wonder, who really wanted Jackson Landis dead?


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Paris Day 6: Special Delivery

You know what’s better than being in Paris? Being in Paris with your favorite person 😀

Bug “surprised” me yesterday. I had a feeling he was going visit me, but until I actually saw him peeking in my window, with his suitcase in one hand and a HUGE box of chocolates in the other, I wasn’t sure I’d see him until at least mid-July or early August.

We spent most of yesterday walking around, talking, and snacking.

Today, we woke up late and set off on some work errands. But the BIG NEWS is….

Nightingale, book two in the Sensitives Series. Release date, September 25, 2012.

Thanks to Mundie Moms for hosting the cover reveal! Sarah Marino, my cover artist, did it again. I love, love, love how she kept a similar feel as Larkstorm while keeping the look unique. And it captures the darker tone of Nightingale beautifully.

One thing I have to address: I’ve received numerous emails and tweets asking what the correct release date is. Originally, the planned date was July 10th, but due to family and health issues, I was unable to finish edits in the time necessary to meet the production deadline. The new, FIRM date is September 25th.

Okay, so back to Paris. Bug and I spent the day shopping (he was determined to buy me a new handbag and shoes, but I ended up with other things) and wandering around. We climb to the top of Sacre Couer and watched a terribly awesome music performance that involved a guy with a guitar, his friend, a microphone, and jumbled English lyrics of one of Adele’s songs. Oh, and “beer guys” who kept trying to sell us cans from a twelve pack they carried around.

Bug and me at the top of Sacre Couer.

When we were done, I asked if we could talk a long walk back to my apartment. That was a hard. I’ve talked about it before, but my husband suffers from PTSD stemming from his accident. Loud noises startle him – and Paris is full of loud noises. It’s also full of scooters, another of his triggers. But we took our time, stopped when we needed, and eventually made it back to my place.

We decided to eat near the apartment and found a cute bistro. While it was charming, it was also empty at 10pm (it’s now 12:45am and the cafes are still packed), even though the place across the street was packed. We nervously decided to take a risk – either it was going to be awesome or we’d both die of food poisoning. Fortunately, it was insanely good.

Things I learned today: if you climb the stairs at the Abbesses Metro stop and Sacre Couer, you will never need to workout again; people in Paris never sleep or appear to have jobs; and finding department stores don’t have air conditioning.