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Paris Day 7: Fete de la Musique

Today started slowly with Erin and I doing some shopping near the apartment. We found an adorable toy shop and of course, had to buy toys for our little ones. We walked to Point Zero and FORGOT TO MAKE OUR WISHES! After, I took her to my favorite crepe place on the Left Bank – … Continue reading

The Great Paris Adventure Part II

It’s that time of year again – Time for Dawn’s Adventures in Paris. Unlike last year, this trip is a bit more planned, and sadly, shorter. Some of the things I’ll be doing: 1. The Grand Ball at Versailles tomorrow night (!) 2. Fete de la Musique 3. Getting Erin Brambilla to eat cheese (Seriously, … Continue reading

Paris Day 17: Dancing in the Streets

One of the things I love about Paris is that no matter where I go, something interesting is always happening. After our rough day when we saw the scooter accident, I decided Bug and I needed to get out and do something or we were going to drown in misery. I’m glad we did – … Continue reading

Paris – Day 1

Thanks to having business class seating from Chicago to Charles de Gaulle, I arrived in Paris at 10:30am well-rested and alert. Apparently, I’m an interesting looking person because not only was I pulled out by the US TSA for additional inspection in Chicago, but French customs wanted to give me an extra-once over, too. And … Continue reading