REBEL’s Cover

It’s been a busy month of cover reveals for me. First EISTOCHTER and now, today, I’m sharing the cover of REBEL, my new novella set in the world of Larkstorm.

First, the blurb:

As Lark Greene’s sinister sister-in-law and security chief, Annalise is tasked with keeping secrets safe and her charge under control.

But there is more to Annalise than Lark knows. Unhappy in her marriage and in love with her fellow guard, Oliver, Annalise would do anything to break free of the chains binding her to the Greene family.

But can she? And if she did, then what?

REBEL is a chilling and unnerving retelling of NIGHTINGALE from the point-of-view of Annalise.

And now the cover:


Illustrator Sarah Marino knocked it out of the ballpark again. I’ve been so fortunate to work with someone of her talent.

REBEL isn’t on Amazon or BN yet (release date June 4, 2013), but you can bookshelf it on Goodreads.