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Phoenix IS Here!

Finally! That’s how I feel. Finally. After four years, the last book in The Sensitives trilogy is out in the world. Away from my hands and into the hands of readers. Deep breaths. I hope you enjoy it as much as you did LARKSTORM and NIGHTINGALE. Here’s to PHOENIX! It’s available at the following sites: … Continue reading

Phoenix Pre-Order Available on Kobo

Hi all- Phoenix is now available for pre-order on Kobo.com! Phoenix Blurb: Torn between her obligations to the State and her love of Beck, Lark must decide whom to trust: herself, or those around her. Her advisors argue that Beck should be sent far away – out of the realm of Lark’s influence. However, Lark … Continue reading

Phoenix Teaser and Release Date

  The opening of Phoenix is here! Just a little tease until the entire book releases May 20th 😀 “It’s going to be okay, Birdie. I swear. You’re going to be okay.” Beck’s hands move over my body as he recites words I don’t understand. He stops at my chest, just over my heart, and … Continue reading

It’s Here! The Phoenix Cover!

It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of Sarah Marino’s work (she designed both Larkstorm and Nightingale). I think she worked magic again and love the Phoenix cover as much as I love the previous two. It captures the essence of the book perfectly. You can add it on Goodreads by clicking the here.

The End

I just typed those two words on Phoenix. It feels good. After two years, I finally have a decent draft. Now on to revising and editing! OHHH…And I got a sneak peek at the cover today! Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Hungarian Larkstorm Cover Reveal

I’m so happy my Hungarian publisher decided to use the original artwork by Sarah Marino. It’s so lovely. The font is slightly different and so is the position of the title, but overall, it captures the feeling Sarah and I were originally aiming for. But you know what’s really awesome about this cover? It’s for … Continue reading

It’s My Book Birthday!

It’s out! It’s out! My novella, REBEL, is officially on sale today! If you’ve followed me Twitter or here on the blog, you know this past year hasn’t exactly been my best ever. Unfortunately, my writing suffered because of it, and I spent months struggling to scratch out a few measly words a week. Writing … Continue reading

REBEL’s Cover

It’s been a busy month of cover reveals for me. First EISTOCHTER and now, today, I’m sharing the cover of REBEL, my new novella set in the world of Larkstorm. First, the blurb: As Lark Greene’s sinister sister-in-law and security chief, Annalise is tasked with keeping secrets safe and her charge under control. But there … Continue reading