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My Son Loves Pink Butterflies

I’m ashamed of myself. As the mother of three boys, I’ve always prided myself on teaching them gender doesn’t matter. Girls can do what boys can do and boys can do what girls can do. Living in San Francisco, we were surrounded by like-minded parents and kids: boys wore pink, girls loved engineering. My boys … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Rainy Day

  I’ve been frantically typing, typing, typing to finish last minute edits on Nightingale all week, which means I’ve been skipping all the fun afternoon activities (Paris Sewer Museum, anyone?) and only emerge from my apartment for meals. Bug is going to do a post for me later this week on Le Grand Metro Ride, … Continue reading

Paris Day 74: A Trip to Versailles

What do you do when you have a birthday boy who is obsessed with the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola? You spend the day at Versailles. Since finding out he’d be spending his birthday in Paris, Pudge has begged us to celebrate at Versailles and Bug and I couldn’t refuse. Part fun day out, … Continue reading