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A Little Madness With Your Coffee

Hey All – Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness comes out next week (3/21/16). It’s the second of three books in the Kiss Kill Love Him Still series, and it’s oh-so-yummy, if I may say so. Even better: the ebook of KKLHS IS FREE on most online retailers (Kobo, B&N, iBooks, Amazon). This is a great … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!!!

It’s here! Kiss Kill Love Him Still’s book birthday! I’m so excited about this little book – in fact, I could probably come up with 143 different reasons why I love it. However, I’ll just give you the top ten. #1. Working with Jamie Blair has been wonderful. #2. Four distinct narrators is fun. #3. … Continue reading

Juggling Balls and a Vlog

Hey All – It’s been crazy around here the past two days. I’ve been creating Pinterest projects, prepping for my book release tomorrow, and getting back into the swing of the boys’ sports. *YAWN* Anyway, a little video for you about my new book *SQUEEEEEE* I think you’re going to like this one. Amazon  Barnes … Continue reading

All About Reggie

Hey All – The countdown to Kiss Kill Love Him Still is on. Just two more days!!! I can’t wait to share this book with all of you – it’s a quick, breezy read which is different for me. I think of it as a palate cleanser between heavier books, and I love every word … Continue reading

Dirty Boys of Summer Playlist

Dirty Boys of Summer: Alphas, Billionaires, Bikers, and Jocks Publication date: June 2nd 2015 Goodreads: Click Purchase: Amazon | B&N Dirty Boys of Summer Playlist (Each song was chosen by the author to represent their story) 1. Trouble by Taylor Swift (Gennifer Albin’s TEACHING ROMAN) 2. Haunted by Beyoncé (Evangeline Anderson’s THE ACADEMY) 3. Tattooed Love Boys by The … Continue reading

Release Day Jitters

Book birthdays. For those of you who don’t know, it’s when a book an author has poured hours and hours of life into, releases. To those on the outside, it seems so glamorous. -A book!  – Yay! – A writing career! – A tough, lonely slog at times. – I’ve always wanted to write a … Continue reading

HITCHED Chapter Two

This is chapter two of HITCHED. If you haven’t read chapter one yet, you can find it here. Hope you enjoy! ~dawn *** Thursday, Chapter Two A man hauling a large suitcase barrels into me. “Move or get run over,” he says. No excuse me. No I’m sorry. Just move. Out of defiance, I keep … Continue reading

Review Requests for HITCHED Now Available

Hi All- I’ve been fortunate to team up with Xpresso Book Tours. They’re handling all Review Requests for HITCHED. If you’d like to get on their list, please click here. Requesting doesn’t guarantee you’ll be approved, but if you’re curious, you may as well try. xoxo ~dawn

HITCHED Questions Answered

Since posting about HITCHED’s release date, I’ve received several questions. I thought it would be easiest to post here as opposed to answering the same question over-and-over again. I really liked (loved) Fletch. Is he in this book? While this book is Ellie’s story, Fletch plays a prominent roll. Why are you calling it a … Continue reading