Outfit post: Orange and black

Years ago, I used to be a Halloween fanatic. I made all the boys costumes, carved pumpkins, meticulously cut out construction paper rats and decorated the house.

Now, we’re lucky the boys have costumes. That’s how lame I am. At least we have pumpkins (uncarved) in front of the house.

Anyway, today I wanted to feel Halloween-ish without wearing a giant pumpkin shirt.

Here’s what I came up with:




The Outfit:

Black leggings with leather patches – JCrew

Chiffon shell – Banana Republic

Orange peacoat – Old, Old very old GAP

Shoes – Anthropologie

The Schedule:

8am – 9am – Personal training

10:30 – 1pm – Doctor’s visit for pre-op. I’m having my thyroid unexpectedly removed next week (was supposed to happen in January, so everything is being accelerated).

1:30-3:00 – NAP

3:30 – 4:30 – Attempt to carve a pumpkin. It comes out like a sad panda.

5:30- dinner

6pm – Trick or TREAT!

Outfit Post: High-Low

This outfit is actually from Tuesday. I forgot to post it, but I think it was a winner.

I wanted to mix and match the more expensive things I owned with cheaper stuff. I like the outcome.


I love this scarf. Bug surprised me with it while we were in Nice this summer. I’ve always wanted an Hermes scarf, and this one is so beautiful.



The Outfit:

Navy asymetrical sweater tucked in – GAP

Light camel wool skirt – JCrew

Navy alligator skinny belt – JCrew

Navy stockings – Wolford

Hermes scarf

Marc Jacobs small Fulton handbag in Navy

Boots – Repetto


The Schedule:

I can’t remember what I did Tuesday. Isn’t that sad? I think I may have gone to my friend’s house and taken the oldest boy to lacrosse. Other than that, it’s a blur.

But today I cleaned the house (still no house cleaner since the last one we fired) and wrote at Panera for a while. Rather productive day. Now I’m going to read a little of The Book Thief.


Outfit Post: Brownie

I love brownies. Any kind, but it must have some sort of gooey chocolateness. It must be messy – either crumbly or sticky.

Today’s outfit reminds me of a less messy brownie. Maybe a blondie mixed with a brownie? I don’t know, I’m reaching here.

Anyway, I’ve said before that I’m not big into wearing black. Most of my dark clothes are brown, navy, or gray. I’m trying to branch out and embrace wearing black, but I’m still not sure it’s all that flattering on me.

Oh, and I started reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. READ THIS BOOK. It’s a quiet book, but the characters shine brightly, and the story is heart-tugging.

Double oh – I have a new business proposal. You know what that means, don’t you? I’m about to become obsessed 😀

photo 1-1

The Outfit:

Very, very, very old Banana Republic sweater dress with cowl neck.

Banana Republic leather belt

Wolford brown tights in 50

Burberry tweed handbag

Repetto tall boots

Convertible necklace from Covet, San Francisco

Chandelier earrings in hot pink

One spooky black cat named TT

The Schedule:

7:30am – hurry to Reston to bring Bug his driver’s license and wallet. He took my car in for maintenance and forgot he needed to rent a car.

9am – miss my group fitness class and decide to go back to bed. Being back on my meds is making me exhausted and drugged up.

12pm – Bug calls to say he’s on his way home. Do I want to grab lunch? Hurry up and shower.

12:30pm – Head to Panera with Bug for a quick bite before he has to leave for an appointment. Guess what I ate? A BROWNIE. Surprise.

1pm -2:30pm – Work

3:00pm – first wave of children arrive home. Have snacks and start homework.

4:00 – Pudge arrives home.

5:00 – start dinner (if I’m cooking. We ended up eating out last night and have tons of left overs).

6:30 – Bug gets home

7:30 – Boys to bed

8-11 – Write a little and TV time.