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Outfit Post: Cord and Tweed

Cord and tweed are two of the reasons I actually tolerate cold weather. Actually, it’s not too cold – only about 40-degrees – but my California blood doesn’t like it like this. This is to me is winter. Anyways, I’m feeling very preppy today.   The outfit:Jacket – brown fine wale cord from Brook Brothers … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Animalistic

I didn’t start out wearing what I have on today. Instead, I had on a chambray shirt, leggings, and a scarf, but it didn’t feel right. I don’t know why – it looked cute. So, instead I decided to build an outfit around my giraffe necklace. I thought the cheetah print tank was the perfect … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Holiday Sweaters

I must confess, I am not a holiday person. I’m not a Scrooge, but I don’t really get into all the merriment and gift-giving and whatnot. So for me to buy a “holiday” sweater it has to be cute. I got this one from JCrew. In the store and in my closet it looked orange … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Getting Preppy

Today’s outfit was bought directly off a mannequin. So zero creativity on my part. I was drawn to the preppiness. I think next time I may try pairing it with an oatmeal-colored, straight skirt, but denim today since I was volunteering in my son’s first grade class. (And a special shout out to my beloved, … Continue reading

Outfit Post: French 80’s Style

The other day, I lamented on Facebook that I miss Paris. My friends, being the awesome people they are, came up with a list of things I could do to make me feel like I’m back in my favorite place. Eventually, we hit upon doing a 80’s style post since Parisians love their MC hammer … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Casual Thursday

My plan for today was to write, write, write, but instead I went shopping and wrote a little (2000 words!). My outfit reflects my casual state of mind – easy and low maintenance. I find that when I’m wearing something somewhat boring (black sweater and jeans), a bright pop of color like this scarf ups … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Teddy Bear

When it’s chilly, I love to wrap up in cozy sweaters. This light weight merino wool is my new favorite – it’s silky smooth and very warm without any bulk. I also love the deep cowl…hmmm…maybe I should add a necklace? Off white pants. My biggest fashion fear. I have children. Messy children. Plus, everyone … Continue reading

Outfit post: Cashmere and Cord

I’m still feeling groggy and off from my surgery last week. To pick myself up, I decided to wear a few of my favorite cozy things – thin, soft cashmere and cord. You’ll probably also notice my hair is much longer – the magic of extensions. I’m kinda loving them at the moment. This is … Continue reading

Outfit post: Orange and black

Years ago, I used to be a Halloween fanatic. I made all the boys costumes, carved pumpkins, meticulously cut out construction paper rats and decorated the house. Now, we’re lucky the boys have costumes. That’s how lame I am. At least we have pumpkins (uncarved) in front of the house. Anyway, today I wanted to … Continue reading

Outfit Post: High-Low

This outfit is actually from Tuesday. I forgot to post it, but I think it was a winner. I wanted to mix and match the more expensive things I owned with cheaper stuff. I like the outcome. I love this scarf. Bug surprised me with it while we were in Nice this summer. I’ve always … Continue reading