Outfit post: black and navy

It’s gloomy and a little rainy in Northern Virginia today. Have I told you that I’m not a fan of East Coast seasons? Give me my San Francisco Dry season and Rainy season with healthy doses of over-the-Golden-Gate-Bridge-escape-the-fog trips, and I’m happy. Here, there is no escaping crappy weather – it follows you everywhere 😦

Anyway, in today’s outfit post (I know, I know, I’ve been very lazy about these), I’m wearing things that are completely impractical in the drizzle – leather and suede.

blue and black jacket

Sorry it’s so blurry – my normal photographers had to go to school, leaving me with just my mirror and iPhone.

The Outfit:

Levi’s demi curve (my favorite jeans and I’ve tried them all. Joe’s come in second for me, but Levi’s are the best).

Navy tweed with black leather arms jacket. I like the edginess of this one with the zippers.

Black suede 5″ booties. I snagged these at Target! Total win!


The Schedule:

8am – personal training. Ab and ass work today. Fun stuff.

10am – manicure

12pm – therapy (gotta get all that angst out somewhere other than the page sometimes)

2pm – The Fox’s dentist appointment

3:45pm – Pick The Colonel up from Hip Hop class

5:15-6:15pm – Pudge has lacrosse

6:45pm – Dinner (Veggie fried rice tonight – yum!)

7:30pm – Boys in bed

8:00pm – hopefully a little writing.

Outfit Post: Rainy Day


I’ve been frantically typing, typing, typing to finish last minute edits on Nightingale all week, which means I’ve been skipping all the fun afternoon activities (Paris Sewer Museum, anyone?) and only emerge from my apartment for meals. Bug is going to do a post for me later this week on Le Grand Metro Ride, the Sewer Museum, and the Notre Dame bell tower, but until then all I’ve got is an outfit post.

Today’s look was inspired by this pin on Pintrest:

This is what I pulled together from my closet. Pretty close, right?

The outfit:

Dress: Zara

Sweater: Zara

Belt: Banana Republic

Boots: Repetto

Necklace: Banana Republic

Bracelet: Dawali; Blue Rebel nail polish from Chanel.

Leggings: Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50 in Admiral

The Schedule:

8:30am – Roll out of bed

10am – Tidy up house, take a shower, mess around online after Bug and the boys leave for Notre Dame.

11am – Start trying to write the Nightingale dedication and acknowledgement pages.

11:30am – Stare out window, make new playlist, read the news.

12:15pm – Bug and the boys arrive home, frozen and hungry.

12:30pm – Head out to lunch. Tried a Japanese place near our apartment. Super good. Must find the name.

2pm- Drop boys off at home. Bug and I stroll down the street and do a little shopping.

3pm – Return home while Bug does the grocery shopping. Get the boys started on their Anne Frank reports. The Colonel decides he’s going to draw pictures of Napoleon getting “beat by the Russian Team,” followed shortly by, “Marie Antoinette being guillotined.” Consider if this means I’m raising a sociopath. Decide he’s just a fan of history.

4pm -5:30pm – Bug and I try to nail down where we’re going next week. The East Coast is becoming more and more likely, although London is still in the running.

6:30pm –  A home cooked dinner, prepared in our mini-kitchen by Bug. Steak haché for two boys, rostisserie chicken for the adults, and a falafel sandwich from the corner shop for Pudge.

8pm – Bedtime for the boys.

Rest of the evening – probably drinks across the street then a movie at home.

And just because I think he’s adorable, here’s The Colonel. He’s taken to dressing French and insists on wearing scarves, button-up shirts and “fancy” clothes.

The Colonel before our front door. Dapper, isn’t he?