Outfit Post: Everything is Rosy, Including My Hair

Today’s best laid plans were crushed when the Fox announced he had a stomach ache during lunch. After a bit of back and forth, I decided he wasn’t faking and shouldn’t go to the Jardin Acclimatation. Nothing like rides and lots of walking to make a sick boy sicker.

I’m trying to hide my disappointment – we only have a few days left in Paris and I really don’t want to waste any of it sitting around the apartment. But what can I do? A sick kid is a sick kid.

I did, however, get out this morning for a short run. As I ran, I kept making lists of the things I’ll miss about Paris:

1. Men that enjoy dressing nicely and make even causal look good.

2. Le Metro

3. A neighborhood that is truly walkable

4. The sound of church bells. Especially, the 10:45am Sunday morning bells.

5. Afternoon champagne

6. Macarons

7. Being able to dress the way I like to and not have people think I’m overdressed.

8. How clean it is (San Francisco, please, please, please do something about the dirty streets. Cleaning twice a month is gross).

When that made me depressed, I switched to things I’ll not miss about Paris:

1. Being tempted by the sweet, yeasty, mouth-watering patisseries

2. Sunday brunch not starting until 12pm

3. Sidewalk right-of-way wars

4. The scooters

5. My neighbors who like to have parties at 3am on Monday nights.

Below are a few pictures of my neighborhood from my run this morning. I love how quiet the Marais is pre-11am.

The dome in the back is the Panthéon.
I love how these stairs disappear into the water.
Hotel de Ville and the horse statue.
The back of Notre Dame

Because I’m feeling a little morose, I wanted to wear something cheerful. Until recently, I never wore pink, but I’m liking it a lot. Maybe I’m embracing my “girly” side more (although Bug informs me, I’ve always been very feminine, just not pink-girly). I also had my hair colored yesterday and had Liam, he of the mesmerizing chest hair, darken the roots so that the contrast with the ends is more pronounced. Because my hair is naturally strawberry blond, Liam decided to make it extra dark because my color tends to fade fast. It freaked me out a little when I woke up this morning to see such dark hair (it was pulled back, so I couldn’t see the blond ends), but I really like it.

Still blond around my face.
The dark roots and crown. There’s a lot of red/pink in there.
I look like I went through a wind storm, but you can see the change between colors clearly here.

The Pink Outfit:

Skirt: Chambray from Jcrew (Summer 2011, I think)

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (spring 2012)

Stockings: Wolford Perfectly 30 in anthracite These are a sheer, dark gray with a bit of shimmer and feel amazing on.

Cuff: Diwali

Shoes: Minelli Leopard print ballerinas.

Paris: Finding a Secret

One of the things I love about prolonged stays in new locations is discovering off-the-path things. Today, exactly one week before I have to leave, I found what may be the best view of Paris I’ve ever seen. All in a place I’ve been to many, many times: Printemps.

Originally, we wanted to eat at under the dome, but the wait was over forty minutes. Luckily, the hostess told us about the Terrace Cafe. Because it’s located in the “Home” building of the Printemps complex, we’d never heard of it, but we trekked over to the other building and up to the ninth floor. Upon stepping off the escalator, Bug and I were disappointed. The Dome restaurant has sit down service and this was…a cafeteria?

Since we were all starving, we decided to give it a shot and took the boys out onto the terrace to find a seat.


The first thing I saw was this:

While it looks tiny in this picture, in person, it feels so close you can touch it.

Next was this:

The Opéra and Printemps famous dome.

There were also views of the Champs Élysées, Sacré Couer, the Panthéon, Musée d’Orsay, and a million other things. It was like being in the heart of Paris, with everything within reach. And the food was very good. Not as good as the Dome, but still tasty.

And for the outfit part of the day:

I love this city.

The Outfit:

Dress: GAP navy print dress with blouson sleeves (one of my favorite sleeve types).

Tights: Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66 in Festival.

Shoes: Repetto Navy t-straps.

Bracelet: Trina Turk for Banana Republic.

Earrings: Waterfall Gem from Jennifer Tuton.

The Schedule:

7:30am – Wake up. The Fox has a follow-up doctors appointment to make sure his arm is healing properly.

8:15am – Bug and The Fox leave, the other two boys and I think about breakfast.

8:20am – I send the boys to the patisserie for torsade and pain au chocolate. None of which I can eat 😦

9am – Shower and get dressed.

9:30am – Work a little while the boys play.

10:45 – Bug and the Fox return with good news! His arm is healing perfectly and he can fly home next week!

12:00pm – Leave for lunch

12:30 -3:00 – Lunch and shopping. We had to buy a LARGE suitcase because we’ve completely replaced my wardrobe while here. There’s a chance we may have to buy another.

3:15 – BUSTED by the Paris Metro Police for fare jumping. Boone didn’t use his ticket to get into the Metro and upon exiting, there was a checkpoint. Even though we had unused, paid tickets, we were still fined 30 euro on the spot. HARSH.

3:45 – Home. Bug does a little work and then we hang out while the boys play.

5:00pm – Bug goes to the grocery store while I play with the boys and swear at my phone because my email isn’t working.

6:30pm – Dinner for the boys. Wine for mom and dad 😀

7:00pm – Bug and the boys play poker while I work a little more.

8:00pm – Boys to bed, dinner for the adults.
This may be my new favorite picture: