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I Finally Broke Down

Hey All – I’m in hypomania mode at the moment. I like this state of being: I need very little sleep, can work for hours, have amazing ideas, and can balance multiple projects. However, I know if it weren’t for the lithium I’d probably be manic right now, and no one wants that. Basically, my … Continue reading

My Pinterest Life #15 – Looking Foxy

Hey All – I’ve gotten behind in my Pinteresting posts – mainly because I’ve been busy writing Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness. But have no fear! I’ve been Pinteresting away. First up, Thanksgiving Food (that could also work for Christmas). I made these brussell sprouts with cranberries thinking it would combine two of my favorite … Continue reading

Holiday Launch Mode

Hey all- It’s that time of year when people go flipping crazy over the perfect holiday experience.  Normally, I’m a minimalist, but this year I’m shifting into full Pinterest mode. That’s right, I’m going to Pinterest the hell out of the holidays. So far my Thanksgiving board is basically booze and vegetarian food, but that … Continue reading

My Pinterest Life #12 – In Which I Fail

Hey All – Always being on with Pinterest is HARD. Decorating, face slathering, outfit building, and crafting 24/7 is exhausting when piled on top of real life – like boys who need attention, food that needs cooking, and yoga (ha, ha, ha). Then I watched the video below. It’s heartbreaking, but it makes me wonder, … Continue reading

My Pinterest Life #11 – Recipe Schmipe

Hey All – First things first. I know you’re dying to know how the Apple Cider Fireball Jello Shots turned out…pretty damn good. They tasted like cinnamon applesauce according to one guinea pig. Another said it reminded her of spiked cider. I call that a Halloween WIN. Now, if you’ve been following along, you know … Continue reading

My Pinterest Life #5: A WIN!

Hey All – I’m sitting here sweaty and gross after a nice, long yoga session trying to figure out what my Pintrest project of the day will be today. Which got me to thinking more about Pintrest and how people (women mostly) use it. Is it mostly aspirational? A catalog of possessions? A window into … Continue reading