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Authorlifemonth – day 10

Today’s challenge is to post a non-author photo of yourself. Here’s mine. I wear many hats: mother, wife, writer, friend, and crazy person. And of course, hat lover 😄 xoxo~dawn   Advertisements

Piracy…Is It a Marketing Thing?

Earlier this week, Freakonomics published STEAL THIS E-BOOK, and anti-DRM advocates cheered. It appears, at least based on Tor’s experience with one imprint, that piracy didn’t increase with the removal of DRM. I admit, I felt victorious. For the past few years, I’ve been swimming upstream. Most writers live in fear of piracy. They freak … Continue reading

My Letter to Mark Coker of Smashwords

Yesterday, I wrote a post about receiving a request from Smashwords to remove CRUSHED due to concerns of a TOS violation – specifically this clause: • if you publish erotica content, neither the book cover nor the book interior may contain graphic images of nudity (either photographic or illustrated) or persons involved in sex acts, … Continue reading