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It’s My Book Birthday!

It’s out! It’s out! My novella, REBEL, is officially on sale today! If you’ve followed me Twitter or here on the blog, you know this past year hasn’t exactly been my best ever. Unfortunately, my writing suffered because of it, and I spent months struggling to scratch out a few measly words a week. Writing … Continue reading

Contest: Who Wants to Rebel?

Love Larkstorm? Crazy about Nightingale? Excited for Phoenix? Can’t wait for the release of REBEL on June 4th? Are you a reader, librarian, teacher, or teen who loves books? Then I need you! I’m looking for TEN superfans – people who love Larkstorm and Nightingale – to help spread the word about the Sensitives Trilogy.* … Continue reading

REBEL’s Cover

It’s been a busy month of cover reveals for me. First EISTOCHTER and now, today, I’m sharing the cover of REBEL, my new novella set in the world of Larkstorm. First, the blurb: As Lark Greene’s sinister sister-in-law and security chief, Annalise is tasked with keeping secrets safe and her charge under control. But there … Continue reading