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Outfit Post: Teddy Bear

When it’s chilly, I love to wrap up in cozy sweaters. This light weight merino wool is my new favorite – it’s silky smooth and very warm without any bulk. I also love the deep cowl…hmmm…maybe I should add a necklace? Off white pants. My biggest fashion fear. I have children. Messy children. Plus, everyone … Continue reading

Paris Day 5 – The Virgin

Where should I start? With a failed attempted run this morning that lead to me puking and falling back to sleep for two hours? I’m unsure if I ate an awful apricot or I accidentally OD’d myself with a drugstore of meds I took last night. Either way, I felt terrible. Bug kissed me good-bye … Continue reading

Paris Day 3 – The Babysitters

The day started off slowly with me not rolling out of bed until well after noon. Sometime around one, Bug and I made our way into the heart of the Marais and to Vito’s, our favorite Sunday Brunch spot. After brunch, we did some *gasp* shopping. On Sundays, large sections of the Marais are closed … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Olive and Orange

Lately, I feel like my life is in holding pattern: waiting to pack, waiting to move, waiting to get on with things. Which means, I’m bored. Insanely bored. And a bored Dawn is not a good thing. Usually, I channel my boredom into writing or knitting, but that would require me to be home. And … Continue reading