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Croatia Day 4: To Wine or Not To Wine

Okay, let’s be honest. The real reason I wanted to visit the Dalmation Coast was for the wine. Before arriving Bug and I watched a few shows on Croatia and had a list of places we wanted to visit. Today’s choice:  Bibich. It wasn’t far from where we stayed last night, and hey if Anthony … Continue reading

Croatia Day 3: war and peace

We packed up early this morning, said good-bye to Zagreb, and headed out to Plitivice Lakes in our remarkably comfortable Peugot rental car. It took about two hours to get there – and that’s including our wandering through a Croatian forest because our GPS was confused. Bug was not amused. But, oh! It was worth … Continue reading

Croatia Day 2: Walk All Over Me

We had an early start today with everyone needing to be feed and ready for our walking tour which started at 10am. Tina, our guide, met us outside our apartment building and laid out where we’d walk for the day. Since we’re staying in central Zagreb it’s easy to get around on foot. And that … Continue reading

Croatia day 1: SCORE! 

We arrived in Croatia at 2pm local time after a layover at Heathrow. The boys did great, and Keegan was offered beer in flight because the attendant thought he was 16 (he’s only 14). Upon arriving at the spacious apartment we’re renting in Zagreb (Airbnb is THE BEST), we dumped out stuff and ventured out … Continue reading

Road Trip: Knoxville to Northern Virginia

We are home. It’s strange, but as we crossed the Tennessee-Virginia border, all the heaviness that has pressed on my heart for the past year lifted. And when I felt Bug’s hand in mine, I turned toward him and smiled. Really smiled. I’m so ready for this.

Road Trip: Memphis to Knoxville

  Another late start today. What has happened to my family? We’ve always been early risers – like 5:30am early – but now, no one can drag themselves out of bed before nine. This, I fear, doesn’t bode well for when they start traditional school next week. Or for when Bug actually has to start … Continue reading

Road Trip: Oklahoma City to Memphis

  Yesterday was probably the most boring – yet eventful – day on the trip so far. We had grand plans to visit the Clinton Presidential Library (Bug and I had our first date at a Clinton fundraiser) and hang out in Memphis listening to music in the evening. Alas, the best laid plans of … Continue reading

Road Trip: New Mexico to Oklahoma

Some thoughts from the long, long drive yesterday: New Mexico is gorgeous and, at times, looks a bit like an alien landscape. My son kept asking about nuclear testing and what the government did with all the people when they performed the atomic bomb tests. He didn’t understand that there is just a whole bunch … Continue reading

Road Trip: Arizona to New Mexico

We had good intentions to start the day early. Really, we did. We’d stayed the night in Kingman, Arizona and  planned on getting to Albuquerque no later than 6pm. Alas, we didn’t leave our hotel until around eleven because Bug had some work stuff to do. We then decided to side-trip up to the Grand … Continue reading

Virginia or Bust: California to Arizona

Yesterday, we loaded up the car, took one last look around, wiped away tears, and left San Francisco. I had to bite my lip to keep my sobs locked in – I didn’t want the boys to see how upset I was. All week, I’d been selling them on the adventure and how wonderful everything … Continue reading