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San Francisco: One Perfect Day

Last week, my family and I escaped the snow storm that hit Northern Virginia and returned to (strangely) sunny San Francisco. If you’ve ever been to the City, you know it is never sunny or warm. Except for one week in October. For any of you thinking of visiting San Francisco, here’s my take on … Continue reading

Virginia or Bust: California to Arizona

Yesterday, we loaded up the car, took one last look around, wiped away tears, and left San Francisco. I had to bite my lip to keep my sobs locked in – I didn’t want the boys to see how upset I was. All week, I’d been selling them on the adventure and how wonderful everything … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Toeing the Line

  Now that I’m back in San Francisco (temporarily), life has resumed its normal rhythm: kid activities, sports, running, and work. Exciting, I know, but that’s what life is: lots of mundane, tiny things that make up a great, big, exciting whole. After a few days of eighty-degree temperatures, the fog has returned to San … Continue reading

Outfit Post: San Francisco – Feeling Foggy

Ahhh…the fog. Anyone who waxes romantic about it hasn’t lived in it 365 days a year. Most people don’t realize San Francisco is a foggy, chilly, damp place that quite possibly was torn from somewhere in Ireland and plopped down on the west coast of the US. This would also explain the abundance of Irish … Continue reading

DC: Speed Trip

You all know I thrive on spontenaity, right? So it shouldn’t surprise you that last Monday – three days before I was to fly home to San Francisco – I looked at Bug and said, “Let’s go to DC.” And so we did. As soon as we arrived in Northern Virginia, we just knew that … Continue reading

Paris Day 53: The Great Macaron Taste Test

My slightly manic obsession with macarons is on par with the way some people feel about chocolate or coffee. I SIMPLY LOVE THEM. I MUST EAT THEM. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m proud to say I’ve passed my obsession on to my boys. Since today was the first day of home school, Bug and I decided … Continue reading

Paris Day 21: Maybe New Hair?

Full confession: Liam, the hair stylist with the captivating chest hair, is one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen. Alas, he’s maybe twenty-five and gay, but OH MY, OH MY. Today, he had a lovely five o’clock shadow, something I’ve always been a huge fan of (Bug is very indulgent and leaves his … Continue reading

Paris Day 10: Lazy Sunday

So Bug’s here, which means…well, my husband is here, with me in Paris. Paris is an amazing place. And I haven’t been posting much. We’ll leave it at that. But today is Sunday and at home, he and I have a Sunday ritual – send the boys downstairs to Grandma and Grandpa’s house at 7am … Continue reading