Paris Day 5 – The Virgin

Where should I start? With a failed attempted run this morning that lead to me puking and falling back to sleep for two hours? I’m unsure if I ate an awful apricot or I accidentally OD’d myself with a drugstore of meds I took last night. Either way, I felt terrible. Bug kissed me good-bye around 9:30, set the alarm for me, and disappeared back to the US.

I had to get up. I had plans with Veronica at noon, and despite feeling terrible,  pulled myself together enough to stumble down the block for a light snack. Seeing V always cheers me up, and by the time I had to leave, I already felt better physically and mentally.

But…I stayed too long and had to hustle to the airport. I conveniently forgot how long it takes to walk through Chatalet and that I needed to buy RER tickets. So…I was a tiny bit late picking ERIN up from the airport (I hate being late for anything, and was pissed at the train for making so many stops – lol).

Erin is a Paris virgin, and I am thrilled I get to show it off to her. After settling in, the first thing we did was hit Repetto for new shoes. She got the cutest black ballet flats with SPARKLES. If we wore the same size, I’d totally steal them.

erin shopping

Next we had schwarma for lunch, hit BHV so I could pick up a few things, strolled down toward the Seine, hit Dawali so Erin could get a new summer weight scarf, and made our way back to my apartment.

This is what greeted me:

Wig On Table, by Erin
Wig On Table, by Erin

We’ve declared the wig the official mascot of Erin’s trip. Like a garden gnome, it will turn up in all kinds of places.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the d’Orsay museum (I can’t wait – it’s my favorite museum) and have writing time planned for the major storm that’s supposed to hit in the afternoon.




Paris Day 3 – The Babysitters

The day started off slowly with me not rolling out of bed until well after noon. Sometime around one, Bug and I made our way into the heart of the Marais and to Vito’s, our favorite Sunday Brunch spot. After brunch, we did some *gasp* shopping. On Sundays, large sections of the Marais are closed to traffic which makes it crowded with pedestrians – something I love.

marais street

We wandered down to the Seine and checked out the area that was under construction last year. It came out lovely. Lots of seating and greenery. It’s the perfect spot to sit on a warm day along the river.

After a little stroll, we headed back to our apartment and stopped off at Repetto for the second time in two days. Bug surprised me with a beautiful pair of ballet pink, kitten heels. Which of course meant I had to go to Dawali and buy scarves to match the shoes (see how this works?).

Aren't the pretty?
Aren’t they pretty?

After shopping it was time to babysit. A family from the Fox’s lacrosse team happens to be in Paris right now, and I offered to babysit their two boys so they could have an adult night. What better day than Father’s Day? I think being around the boys cheered Bug up since he was particularly missing our boys yesterday. We hit all of our boys favorite places: the playground (mean French pre-teens made us call that one early), Café Tresor, and of course Café des Arts for Crepes. We then walked around, saw a man juggling with goldfish on his head, and took the metro back to our place. The boys watched a few minutes of a movie while waiting for their parents.

After they left, Bug and I pretty much crashed. He leaves tomorrow, but I won’t be lonely for long! The fabulous Erin shows up tomorrow afternoon.

And I have things planned for her…

Outfit Post: Toeing the Line


Now that I’m back in San Francisco (temporarily), life has resumed its normal rhythm: kid activities, sports, running, and work.

Exciting, I know, but that’s what life is: lots of mundane, tiny things that make up a great, big, exciting whole.

After a few days of eighty-degree temperatures, the fog has returned to San Francisco, which means I get to wear tights again. I actually built today’s outfit around the tights. Patterns can be tough to pull off – they can either go a little too streetwalker or not entirely daytime appropriate. Or worse, too little girl. But I think, by pairing these Wolford gray pinstripe stockings with a solid, classic-cut dress, I struck the right balance.



The Outfit:

Dress: Navy, keyhole sheath from Banana Republic petites (bought in Paris, doesn’t seem like the US carries it?)

Shoes: Club Nikko

Tights: Wolford

Jacket: Banana Republic

Ring: antique sapphire and diamond

The Schedule:

8:00am – 4 mile run

9:30 – 11am – homeschool

12 – 1pm – lunch

1-2pm – work

2-3pm – go out for a walk

4pm – prep for Nightingale chat

5pm – 6pm  – Nightingale chat

7pm – dinner

8pm – 11pm – work