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My Letter to Mark Coker of Smashwords

Yesterday, I wrote a post about receiving a request from Smashwords to remove CRUSHED due to concerns of a TOS violation – specifically this clause: • if you publish erotica content, neither the book cover nor the book interior may contain graphic images of nudity (either photographic or illustrated) or persons involved in sex acts, … Continue reading

Why Isn’t Crushed on Smashwords Anymore?

Last night, literally within minutes of removing Crushed from Smashwords, I received a few emails wanting to know what happened. I want to make it clear Smashwords did not remove Crushed. I did that on my own, after receiving their request. Long story short, Crushed’s main character, Fletch, is seventeen for a large part of … Continue reading

Final NIGHTINGALE sneak peek: Chapter 3

  Read Chapter 1 Read Chapter 2 3  My name is Lark Greene and I may have already killed the boy I love.     ***Yes, that’s really it. Mean, huh? 😛 The good news is Nightingale is available tomorrow, September 25, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and other online retailers***