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CRUSHED Preview – Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1 2 Brady and I prowl the edge of The Beach, watching the organized chaos of move-in day while searching for our friends. All around us, anxious parents and nervous new kids weave through the throngs of shrieking returning students. Brady and I take bets on what clumsy lame ass will trip as … Continue reading

CRUSHED playlist

The CRUSHED cover reveal is tomorrow, so obviously, I should be spending my time writing blog posts about playlists 😀 I rather love this playlist. It’s angsty and hopeful – just like the main character, Fletch. ~dawn CRUSHED PLAYLIST Soft Shock (acoustic) …………….Yeah Yeah Yeahs Malibu ………………………………….Hole Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa ……….Vampire Weekend Shadowcasting …………………….. … Continue reading


In the past two days, I’ve churned out major words on a new project AND found the energy to tackle all the last minute stuff that comes with a book release. Wait. What was that? A book release? Why, yes, my Young Adult Contemporary Romance, CRUSHED, will be available on December 11, 2012. For seventeen-year-old … Continue reading

Nightingale Release Day Goodies

*Bites nails. Stares at screen. Tries not to panic.* It’s available today! Nightingale, book two in The Sensitives Trilogy, is up on Amazon! It will be available on Barnes and Noble sometime in the next 72 hours. Other retailers are carrying it online as well, but I’m not sure when they’ll put it up. To celebrate, … Continue reading

Final NIGHTINGALE sneak peek: Chapter 3

  Read Chapter 1 Read Chapter 2 3  My name is Lark Greene and I may have already killed the boy I love.     ***Yes, that’s really it. Mean, huh? 😛 The good news is Nightingale is available tomorrow, September 25, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and other online retailers***  

Sneak Peek: Nightingale, Chapter 2

2 For the past two hours, maybe longer, Mother and a team of healers have evaluated my mental state. Apparently, screaming after the press conference was not how I was supposed to behave, and no one seems to understand why I did it. I had shown all signs of making a healthy recovery. Which means, … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Nightingale, chapter 1

**I’m posting this from my phone while in the car, so please excuse the block formatting** 1 “My name is Lark Greene.” A white light flashes, blinding me. I can’t see beyond the small circle of darkness, but I know they’re out there, pressing in on all sides, listening to everything I say. Blasting my … Continue reading

Nightingale Teaser #3: Who is Ryker?

  Banners of each of the five great societies flutter overhead and lanterns cast a soft, warm glow across the dance floor, illuminating the hundreds of twirling couples below. I haven’t been to a banquet this extravagant since Callum and Annalise were bound nearly three years ago. And that didn’t exactly work out well. A … Continue reading

Nightingale Teaser

There’s only twelve days (!!!) until NIGHTINGALE hits shelves, so it only seems fair to give a tiny hint of what’s to come 😀 I have no house or staff, except bodyguards. I set the club on fire. And I just released an accused Sensitive while publicly declaring the State made a mistake. Oh. And … Continue reading