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My Top 5 Places in Europe

If you’ve read this blog for a while, it’s no secret I’m always looking for excuses to get back to Paris. Or Europe. Or anywhere, for that matter. I have a serious case of wanderlust. Since this is the time of year for lists, I’m sharing my top five favorite places in Europe: #5 – … Continue reading

Croatia: the final verdict

We’ve been home for two days now and have had time to process our vacation. With a resounding ‘yes,’ we all agree that Croatia was one of our favorite vacations. The people, food, beaches, and history made for an excellent trip. But as with every trip, I like to break down what I would do … Continue reading

Croatia Days 10 & 11

Early in the morning, we went back to the submarine bay, and the boys paddle boarded, and Finn promptly belly flopped onto the board.  We then packed up and sailed to Palmizana. There was a little, rocky beach on opposite side of island with umbrellas and chairs. We didn’t stay long though because the boys … Continue reading

Croatia Day 9: Vis a Vis 

We set sail from Stari Grad on Hvar and made a 3 hour trip to Vis this morning. The sea was rolling, and unfortunately, Finn got seasick. At least he made it to the back of the boat… I’d been told Vis was beautiful, having been cut off from tourism for 50 years due to … Continue reading

Croatia Day 8: Stari Grad

Happy Father’s Day. As I type, I’m watching Bug and the boys attempt to play in the Adriatic. Apparently, it’s a little cold for David’s liking. 😂 I woke this morning to the sun shining through my berth’s porthole and the sound of breakfast being prepared. When I emerged from my room, everyone except Keegs … Continue reading

Croatia Day 7: I’m on a boat

We finally made it to the part of the trip I’ve been looking forward to the most: sailing the Adriatic along the Dalmation coast. We’re visiting Hvar, Brac, and Vis. Our boat is great, and our Skipper, Ben, a nice 20-something. The boys love him.  The water is beyond beautiful, but a little chilly, and … Continue reading

Croatia Day 6: Down Time

Okay, so I get that all of vacation should be down time, but we love the hustle and bustle of cities. That’s why we chose San Francisco and Paris as homes. Bug and I both thrive in a faster paced lifestyle.  However, there comes a point where you need an action time-out, and today was … Continue reading

Croatia Day 5: Split Personality

Today, we met with Stella, our guide through old town Split. I thought our tour might not happen though, because on our way there, the wind whipped up and it began to pour. Fortunately, it quickly stopped, and we found Stella waiting for us outside the southern gates of Diocletian’s Palace. Built 4th century AD … Continue reading

Croatia Day 4: To Wine or Not To Wine

Okay, let’s be honest. The real reason I wanted to visit the Dalmation Coast was for the wine. Before arriving Bug and I watched a few shows on Croatia and had a list of places we wanted to visit. Today’s choice:  Bibich. It wasn’t far from where we stayed last night, and hey if Anthony … Continue reading