Croatia Day 9: Vis a Vis 

We set sail from Stari Grad on Hvar and made a 3 hour trip to Vis this morning. The sea was rolling, and unfortunately, Finn got seasick. At least he made it to the back of the boat…

I’d been told Vis was beautiful, having been cut off from tourism for 50 years due to it being a military island. I had no idea. 

Pulling into port, we were greeted with this:

After docking, Ben killed us with another delicious lunch. Seriously, this guy has mastered making meals in a limited space. I want to bring him home😂

He also hooked us up with Marco, of No Bullshit tours. Guys, seriously, if you come to Vis, you must take his tour. Hidden submarine ports, abandoned bunkers, snacks and wine, scarily crazy drives praying for you life, and best of all, a lover of history whose passion shows. Marco kept all three boys engaged, and Keegan especially was enthralled. 

Because it was clear today, Marco took us to the highest point on Vis where there’s a small chapel and 360-degree views of the islands and Italy. 

After touring, Marco brought us to Roki’s for snacks and wine. Of course, we walked away with more wine – a white and a red. Croatian wines continue to surprise me in a great way. 

Now we’re off to explore the old town and find dinner. 

Xoxo ~ dawn

Croatia Day 8: Stari Grad

Happy Father’s Day. As I type, I’m watching Bug and the boys attempt to play in the Adriatic. Apparently, it’s a little cold for David’s liking. 😂

I woke this morning to the sun shining through my berth’s porthole and the sound of breakfast being prepared. When I emerged from my room, everyone except Keegs was sitting down to breakfast. Ben had prepared eggs, cereals, yogurt, and bread for us. 

After breakfast, we set sail for Stari Grad. Ben let Boone steer. 

It took about two hours to get from where we docked overnight to Stari Grad on Hrav. We sailed past Brac and spotted Split in the distance. Of course, when we arrived at port, my phone died and I couldn’t take pictures as we walked around the old town. 

Stari Grad is easily walkable and the major sites seen within a few hours – if you’re going really slow. There are more churches per townspeople, I think. I’m told this is the oldest settlement in Croatia. The stone buildings remind me of the French countryside, and for good measure, there’s two communist-era hotels. 

A view of the harbor:

Ben made us an awesome lunch of antipasta. It was perfect before heading off to the swimming hole. Unfortunately, we forgot our swimming shoes on the boat and the water was chilly, so he hiked back to the boat. 

For dinner tonight, Ben arranged for us to eat at a farm. They grew everything served on the premises, along with beautiful lavender fields. 

I didn’t get a picture, but Boone made friends with a donkey. He kept looking for excuses to feed it more grass. 

Obligatory family picture. 

The view of the restaurant:

And one looking back at Stari Grad:

Tonight, it’s supposed to storm, but tomorrow should be lovely. The plan at the moment is to head to Vis and tour the old military base.  

xoxo ~dawn

Croatia Day 7: I’m on a boat

We finally made it to the part of the trip I’ve been looking forward to the most: sailing the Adriatic along the Dalmation coast. We’re visiting Hvar, Brac, and Vis. Our boat is great, and our Skipper, Ben, a nice 20-something. The boys love him. 

The water is beyond beautiful, but a little chilly, and the coastal towns dot the landscape with terra cotta roofs against a clear, blue sky. I wish I had words for it all. 

We don’t have power unless in port. So my updates will be sporadic since I can’t charge my phone. 

For now, I leave you with this: 

xoxo ~dawn