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How I Choose a Project

When stuck with writer’s block and self-doubt, writers have a tendency to worry that their idea well has run dry. I’ve been there, it sucks, and the only way through is to keep trying. But what about when I have too many ideas? How do I choose? This is a little bit trickier because I … Continue reading

Flutter Love

Hey All – I’m hard at work finishing Swan Lake while making revisions at the same time. The back half of this book is a nightmare. In some places, it’s just bullet points and weird notes from three years ago. This frustrates me because the front half is gorgeous, and every time I read it, … Continue reading

When the Passion’s Gone

Hey All – I spent all day yesterday avoiding writing. The night before, with my youngest on in tow, I had to unexpectedly put my cat down. The Colonel was distraught, and to cheer him up, my teacher friend offered to take him to Starbucks before school and let him play in her classroom – … Continue reading