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you have a writing partner, right? 

I do, indeed. Her name is Jamie Blair and she writes books across several genres and age groups. Right now, I think she has 80 billion projects going – the woman is a writing machine – in addition to SECRETS LIES DIRTY LITTLE ALIBIS. Anyway, she does exist, and I have photographic evidence from a … Continue reading

What Do Kids Want?

A few weeks ago, I participated in the YA Scavenger Hunt (which was completely fun, and I hope I get to do it again in the fall). One of the requirements to win an Amazon gift card from my site was to stop here and let me know what the participant liked reading. Overwhelmingly, the … Continue reading

How I Choose a Project

When stuck with writer’s block and self-doubt, writers have a tendency to worry that their idea well has run dry. I’ve been there, it sucks, and the only way through is to keep trying. But what about when I have too many ideas? How do I choose? This is a little bit trickier because I … Continue reading

She’s Not Dead

 My killed darling for day 12 of Author Life Month.  This is CRUSHED’s original opening – the one where Calista is killed in a car accident, and Fletch is plagued by guilt. Such a different book than what it developed into.  Once I cut these lines, I was better able to see Fletch’s story. And … Continue reading

Play With Me

Hey All-  It’s day 7 of #authorlifemonth, and today is share your writing music. Here’s a partial list from my current work-in-progress. Of course Soft Shock is there – it’s on all my lists 😀 Xoxo~dawn   

you’re not so different from me

Hey All – When I write, I try to put myself into another person’s shoes. I tend to draw on my own experiences to craft a believable character, and I study others behaviors to sketch out basic traits. But at the end of the day, all my characters have a bit of me in them … Continue reading

Flutter Love

Hey All – I’m hard at work finishing Swan Lake while making revisions at the same time. The back half of this book is a nightmare. In some places, it’s just bullet points and weird notes from three years ago. This frustrates me because the front half is gorgeous, and every time I read it, … Continue reading

Don’t Be Scared

Hey All- I’m a big believer in radical change – jumping off cliffs and taking huge risks and all that. It all started when I was sixteen and decided to move to California. You can read about that on a piece I did for Dear Teen Me. It’s funny to me, now, that a few … Continue reading

When the Passion’s Gone

Hey All – I spent all day yesterday avoiding writing. The night before, with my youngest on in tow, I had to unexpectedly put my cat down. The Colonel was distraught, and to cheer him up, my teacher friend offered to take him to Starbucks before school and let him play in her classroom – … Continue reading

Flash Me

Hey All – This is a piece of flash fiction I did years ago. The prompt was “domino,” and the goal was to tell a story in under 800 words. This clocks in at 522. I’m playing around to see if I can expand on it. Love to hear your thoughts. xoxo~dawn Smoke billows, thick … Continue reading