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Release Day Jitters

Book birthdays. For those of you who don’t know, it’s when a book an author has poured hours and hours of life into, releases. To those on the outside, it seems so glamorous. -A book!  – Yay! – A writing career! – A tough, lonely slog at times. – I’ve always wanted to write a … Continue reading

The End

I just typed those two words on Phoenix. It feels good. After two years, I finally have a decent draft. Now on to revising and editing! OHHH…And I got a sneak peek at the cover today! Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

The Official Phoenix Playlist

As I close in on finishing Phoenix, I thought I’d share the playlist that’s been playing in the background while I write. Enjoy! ~dawn 1. So Here We Are.………….Bloc Party 2. Hearts a Mess……………..Gotye 3. The Reeling………………..Passion Pit 4. Paris is Burning…………..Ladyhawke 5. Back In Your Head.………Tegan and Sara 6. Timebomb.………………….Kylie Minogue 7. The Night … Continue reading

Treadmill Desk

Since moving to the suburbs, I’ve found myself sitting more than normal. In the City, when I needed a mid-day break (or wanted lunch), I’d walk two blocks over and find myself in the middle of Clement Street – the land of cheap Chinese food, cute cafes, and boutiques. Here, I walk two blocks and … Continue reading

eARCs Away!

This is what passed for a wild Saturday night this weekend: green tea, banana bread, and a stack of revision notes. Bet you’re jealous! Every time I write a book, the part I dread most – after drafting, because really, drafting is a special type of hell – is formatting. Before I start writing, I … Continue reading

Not Feeling the Love

*Sigh* I’m not sure I love this new book. I’m trying, but it’s a lot like forcing a too tight sweater over my head – strangling. The problem is I LOVE the concept and I’ve sat on it since last January, silently – and at times impatiently – waiting for my schedule to clear so … Continue reading