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What Do Kids Want?

A few weeks ago, I participated in the YA Scavenger Hunt (which was completely fun, and I hope I get to do it again in the fall). One of the requirements to win an Amazon gift card from my site was to stop here and let me know what the participant liked reading. Overwhelmingly, the … Continue reading

Flutter Love

Hey All – I’m hard at work finishing Swan Lake while making revisions at the same time. The back half of this book is a nightmare. In some places, it’s just bullet points and weird notes from three years ago. This frustrates me because the front half is gorgeous, and every time I read it, … Continue reading

Flash Me

Hey All – This is a piece of flash fiction I did years ago. The prompt was “domino,” and the goal was to tell a story in under 800 words. This clocks in at 522. I’m playing around to see if I can expand on it. Love to hear your thoughts. xoxo~dawn Smoke billows, thick … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!!!

It’s here! Kiss Kill Love Him Still’s book birthday! I’m so excited about this little book – in fact, I could probably come up with 143 different reasons why I love it. However, I’ll just give you the top ten. #1. Working with Jamie Blair has been wonderful. #2. Four distinct narrators is fun. #3. … Continue reading


Finally! I can share the awesome cover of my latest book, Kiss Kill Love Him Still! Jamie and I are very proud of the cover and hope you love it as much as we do. xo ~dawn The cover: The Blurb: Jackson Landis kept secrets. It’s how he got girls into bed, the grades he … Continue reading

Dirty Boys of Summer Playlist

Dirty Boys of Summer: Alphas, Billionaires, Bikers, and Jocks Publication date: June 2nd 2015 Goodreads: Click Purchase: Amazon | B&N Dirty Boys of Summer Playlist (Each song was chosen by the author to represent their story) 1. Trouble by Taylor Swift (Gennifer Albin’s TEACHING ROMAN) 2. Haunted by Beyoncé (Evangeline Anderson’s THE ACADEMY) 3. Tattooed Love Boys by The … Continue reading

Release Day Jitters

Book birthdays. For those of you who don’t know, it’s when a book an author has poured hours and hours of life into, releases. To those on the outside, it seems so glamorous. -A book!  – Yay! – A writing career! – A tough, lonely slog at times. – I’ve always wanted to write a … Continue reading

How to Support Your Favorite Authors

I don’t have a book coming out soon, but this is a great article that talks about how you can support your favorite authors. Even reviews of older books are great too. Every little bit helps. This was originally published by the YA Mistfits and is called “5 Ways to Make an Author Love You.” … Continue reading

The Official Phoenix Playlist

As I close in on finishing Phoenix, I thought I’d share the playlist that’s been playing in the background while I write. Enjoy! ~dawn 1. So Here We Are.………….Bloc Party 2. Hearts a Mess……………..Gotye 3. The Reeling………………..Passion Pit 4. Paris is Burning…………..Ladyhawke 5. Back In Your Head.………Tegan and Sara 6. Timebomb.………………….Kylie Minogue 7. The Night … Continue reading